In 1998, we brought 9 young Jews to a house in Brooklyn to participate in a year of service and community building.

They were the first Avodah Jewish Service Corps Members.

From New York, we grew to Washington, DC, Chicago, and New Orleans, and one house became many.

Our work has shaped Jewish social justice leaders across the country. Here are just a few of them:

  • Headshot of Sam Hipschman

    "My involvement in the Jewish community as an adult started with Avodah."

  • "I found a deeper connection to the tikkun olam I learned about as a child."

  • “I don’t just have to be a social worker who is Jewish; I can be a Jewish social worker.”

  • Kelsey Saragnese photo

    "Avodah was a wonderful way to explore my Jewish identity"

  • "My experience with Avodah impacted my whole trajectory."

  • "Avodah deepened my understanding of anti-semitism and racial justice."

  • “I wanted to do this work from a position of faith.”

  • “I learned a whole new approach to social justice.”

This is the difference we’re making.

Our participants have added millions of dollars in capacity to hundreds of different organizations.

They’ve supported the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals working to make ends meet.

And they continue to step up in hundreds of social and economic justice organizations.

And we’re transforming Jewish life

Our alumni have launched close to 40 new initiatives in Jewish communities across the country.

They serve as professional staff at more than 60 American Jewish organizations.

And 78% of them say they are better equipped to help strengthen their Jewish communities’ involvement in the fight for social justice

We’re bigger than our houses today.

We’re a community that spans across the country. We’re Corps Members, Fellows, alumni and supporters. We’re rabbis, organizers, social workers, philanthropists, and educators. We’re changing the way the Jewish community engages in work for social and economic justice.

In 1998, we brought 9 young Jews to a house in Brooklyn.

Now we’re a national network of Jewish leaders who are changing the world around us.

Together, we’ve lit the spark of Jewish social justice leadership across the country.

And we’re just getting started. Join us.