Avodah JOC (Jews of Color) Bayit

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Avodah is proud to announce the  Jews of Color (JOC) Bayit in NYC is now accepting applications for the 2023-2024 program year. Spend a year in the Jewish Service Corps working at a leading anti-poverty nonprofit in New York City while living with other Jews of Color. Our Corps Members live and learn together in a supportive, pluralistic community at the crossroads of justice and Jewish life.

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JOC Bayit Flyer

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The Jewish Service Corps JOC Bayit is an intentional communal living home in New York City specifically for self-identified Jews of Color. We know that all too often, predominantly-white Jewish communities do not provide enough opportunities designed to specifically develop the leadership of Jews of Color. The JOC Bayit was designed to offer a celebratory JOC-only space within the Jewish Service Corps that can nurture the growth and leadership of Jews of Color.

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The JOC Bayit provides the opportunity for JOC Corps Members to:

• Live in a diverse, pluralistic JOC-only space

• Foster a deeper connection to Judaism

• Practice self- and community-care

• Enjoy deep learning and community building with white Corps Members, while maintaining a space to disconnect when desired

• Build community with New York-based JOCs and JOC facing organizations

• Engage in leadership development and identity formation

• Celebrate the joy and expansiveness of being a Jew of Color!

A white-presenting woman and two Black women read a piece of paper at an Avodah event
Two Avodah Service Corps Members in blue tshirts with Avodah logo smiling at each other back to back

Who should apply?

Self-identified Jews of Color between the ages of 21-26 that are excited about living in a JOC-only space and are passionate about social justice are strongly encouraged to apply.

For more information please see our FAQ page or reach out to Abby, our National Service Corps Director, at jocbayit@avodah.net.

Avodah Alumni Stats

1 in 10

alumni is a CEO, Executive Director, or senior leader at their workplace.


of alumni currently work within the social service, social justice, and/or anti-poverty fields.


were offered positions at their placement organization after completing Avodah

Learn About Avodah’s Racial Justice Work

Illustration of people of various genders and races engaging in social justice work

Racial Justice Guide

Avodah’s Racial Justice Guide is intended to be a resource for Jewish nonprofit organizations. It has been written for all stages of leadership, as racial justice and inclusion are everyone’s responsibilities. You can view our interactive Racial Justice Guide here and the materials are also available to download as a PDF format.

Speak Torah to Power

“Speak Torah to Power” is a groundbreaking speaker series that connects today’s most pressing social justice issues with Jewish wisdom to guide us in doing transformative work in the world. In this series, six leading Jewish educators from across the United States explore the connection between activism, service, spirituality, community, Jewish wisdom and the events of our day.

The JOC Bayit is proudly sponsored by:

Mazer Family Fund

The Neshamot Fund

Women of Reform Judaism

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation

Jim Joseph Foundation