The Jewish Service Corps

Frequently Asked Questions


Avodah provides on-the-ground anti-poverty organizations with vetted Corps Members who fill much needed entry-level roles at a highly subsidized cost to the placement. By volunteering their time and labor in a role the organization normally could not afford to support, Corps Members add valuable capacity that allows our placement organizations to expand the scope of their work and enhance their impact on the community they are serving. 

What are job placements like?

Corps Members serve at leading nonprofits working on crucial economic and social justice issues such as immigration, healthcare, climate change, food insecurity, housing, criminal justice reform, gender-based violence, education, and more. Most of our placements offer roles in direct service, where applicants work directly with clients to provide services (i.e. case management, teaching, staffing medical clinics). Some placements may also offer roles in advocacy (i.e. legal services) or community organizing (for workers’ rights, tenants’ rights, etc). Wherever you match, your job placement will provide an on-the-ground experience that will be transferable to many roles post-service year, and that will help you refine your next steps. Check out our current placement organizations and sample job descriptions.

Can I take on other work while I’m a Corps Member? 

In order to ensure your ability to focus on Avodah-related activities and still find time for downtime and other personal activities, you may not take classes, hold a part-time job, or do extensive volunteer work for the first four months of the program year. After that, we ask that you limit extra commitments to five hours per week so that you can participate fully in the Avodah community.

What kinds of work do alumni do after the Service Corps?

All kinds! In addition to having a fantastic position on their resume, alumni receive support in finding jobs through informational interviews and networking in our community, assistance with resumes and application materials, reference letters, career advice, and more. Our alumni are educators, organizers, social workers, lawyers, health care professionals, activists, campaign managers, clergy, non-profit staffers, Jewish professionals, artists, and much more. Some even stay on at their placements! Read about some of our alumni stories here.

Still have questions?

Our Recruitment team is here to help you through the application process and will be available every step of the way, from start to finish. We know that everyone’s background and needs are different, and they’re here to answer any questions you may have.