The Jewish Service Corps

Frequently Asked Questions

Application Process Overview

There are a number of steps to the process – we like to think of it as an opportunity for you to get to know Avodah while we’re getting to know you. Read on for a general walkthrough of the application process, or click one of the subcategories on the menu on the left to dive a little deeper into the interview, reference, or matching parts of the process. 

Applications are now closed. Sign up to be notified when applications for the ’24-’25 program using the apply button under the menu.


1. Apply online

• Start by filling out your personal information on page one of the application and make sure to save your progress.

You’ll be asked to share: your preferences for placement cities (if you have them), how you heard about us, your educational background, your religious background, your skills and interests, and a few other details about you.

Complete several short essays about your relationship to social justice, Jewish community, and communal living.

• Upload resume.

Send your two references the reference form link you receive via email.

2. Interviews

After each deadline, we will contact qualified applicants to begin the interview process. Interviews for priority deadline applicants will take place in mid-February. Applicants who submit their application after the deadline will be interviewed in waves – reach out to Emily at for an updated timeline if needed. 

There are two rounds of interviews included in the process. First, qualified candidates will interview with an Avodah alum. At this time, you will be informed of the city track you are currently on. If the alum assesses the candidate as a good match, the candidate moves on to an interview with an Avodah staff member. A candidate may be put on an Alternate List before or after each round of interviews. This means the candidate will not be considered during that round but may be considered in the future as capacity allows.

Interviews are conducted by phone or video.

During both stages of the interview process, you can request to change city tracks if you so desire. You will only be able to view jobs for one city in the final matching round, however.

3. Learn your status

After your staff interview, you will be notified of your status. Possible statuses include:

Invited into a matching round with potential placement organizations.

Placed on the Alternate List.

Not accepted to the program.

4. Match with your placement organization

If you are invited to participate in the matching round, the process will proceed as follows:

You will receive descriptions of all available positions in the city you are being considered for.

 You will rank your top three choices and we will send your application materials and references to those placements.

You will interview with any of the placement organizations you ranked who are also interested in you as a candidate. You must be available by telephone or video to speak with potential placements throughout the matching process.

After the interviews take place, our placement organizations will rank their top choices of candidates,

Avodah will hopefully offer you a match with a placement organization based on the rankings submitted by both you and the placement. If we are unable to make a match for you, you will usually have the opportunity to rank/interview again in the next matching round.

See the Matching Process FAQ section for a more detailed overview.

5. Congratulations, you’ve been accepted!

You will finalize your match by signing a three-way contract between yourself, Avodah, and your placement. This contract lists expectations and commitments, and by signing, you commit to participating in the full one-year program.

• Once all three parties have signed the contract, you’re officially accepted into our Jewish Service Corps!

Please note: Once you have signed an Avodah contract, you are committed to the program for the year and will be required to pay a cancellation fee if you decide not to do the program.

Can I defer acceptance?

While you can’t defer acceptance to a placement, if you choose to reapply, we can sometimes expedite the process for you. Please reach out to our Recruitment Director at to discuss this. We strongly encourage applicants not to enter the matching round unless they are prepared to accept an offer.

What happens if I'm on the Alternate list?

The chances that you will be invited into a subsequent matching round change from round to round, depending on how many matches were already completed. We will be in contact with you periodically to update you on your status. Every year, candidates do make it off our alternate list and end up matching as Corps Members.

I have special circumstances Avodah should know about. Who do I tell?

Let your interviewer know about any special circumstances that will affect your potential participation. These might include things such as being out of the country during the matching round, anything that would limit full participation during the year, specific needs or preferences that may pose challenges. If there’s something you’re concerned about as you apply, you can always contact Emily at to discuss your circumstances.

Still have questions?

Our Recruitment team is here to help you through the application process and will be available every step of the way, from start to finish. We know that everyone’s background and needs are different, and they’re here to answer any questions you may have.