The Avodah Justice Fellowship:

Connecting Justice Causes to Jewish Values


    About the Justice Fellowship


If you’re working to address social and economic injustice in Chicago or Kansas City, the Avodah Justice Fellowship is your pathway to deepen your justice knowledge in an inclusive Jewish framework.

Join an impactful and diverse community of people passionate about exploring justice, Jewish life, and the powerful intersections between the two. The Avodah Justice Fellowship provides a unique learning experience, rooted in Avodah’s 20 years of empowering change-makers with systemic analysis, leadership skills, burnout inoculation, Jewish depth and a robust communal network.  Through workshops, dialogues, retreats, coaching, peer-mentoring, project-based learning, community events, and our thousand-strong alumni network, we’ll ignite your growth as a Jewish social justice leader.

If you’re in your 20’s or 30’s and have been engaging in social and economic justice work in a professional or personal capacity, we’re looking for you. Our Justice Fellows are activists, organizers, educators, social workers, non-profit staffers, movement leaders, artists, lawyers, health care professionals, and so much more.  Our Justice Fellows are changing the world. We want you to join us.

Applications are now closed for the ’22-’23 cohorts in Chicago and Kansas City. You can still request an application if you’re interested in being contacted when the next cycle opens in late summer 2023.


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Justice Fellowship Program Components

Anti-Poverty Analysis

Develop a systematic analysis of the causes and effects of social and economic injustice. You’ll examine the benefits and challenges of different methods of social change, sharpen your anti-oppression frameworks, and learn from experts in the field and peers doing impactful justice work.

Jewish Learning Community

Engage with Jewish texts, history, and culture in a pluralistic community. You will reflect on your own evolving relationship with Judaism and/or Jewishness by sharing your practices and learning from your peers.

A Jewish Framework for Justice

Examine the historical crossroads of Judaism, justice, and resistance while exploring the ways in which Jewish life can shape and inform the work you’re doing in the world today. Develop a mutually beneficial relationship between your Jewishness and your justice work that is nourishing and illuminating.

Reflecting on the AVODAH Fellowship

By Shana Bloom The AVODAH Fellowship created a fundamental “paradigm shift” in the ways I relate to and understand myself within the context of a Jewish social justice community. It has also  impacted my professional life by deepening my understanding of and ability...

How the AVODAH Fellowship Surprised Me

By Sarra Alpert When we first started to envision AVODAH’s expansion through the Fellowship, I was certainly excited by the idea that more people would have the opportunity to experience the kind of justice-driven, intentional, challenging-yet-supportive, creatively...

What I’ve Learned

As our 2013-2014 program year draws to a close, we reached out to some of our corps members and Fellows and asked them to share what they’re taking away from the experience.  Although the world is a big place, all people have the same needs. Each and every human...

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