Avodah Joins 24 Faith Orgs Opposing Commission Intended to Restrict Voting Rights

Published Jul 21, 2017

Avodah joined 24 faith organizations in a letter to Congress, sent July 20, opposing the creation of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, a tax-payer funded initiative that aims to restrict voter rights.

In the letter, Avodah implores Congress not to fund the Commission, which exists solely to perpetuate unsubstantiated myths of widespread voter fraud and to lay the groundwork for restrictions on voting rights, during the appropriations process.

“We represent a diversity of faith traditions, but are united in our belief that our democracy works best when more people participate. Our traditions teach us to take responsibility for the well-being of our community by taking part in civic affairs. Moreover, we are taught to work for a society that safeguards the rights of all people – especially the sacred right to vote. People of every faith have worked tirelessly to expand the franchise, and we stand ready to protect that progress from efforts to suppress the vote under false pretenses.”

Several comprehensive studies have debunked the myth of voter fraud, finding only a handful of cases in recent history. “Looking at the facts makes clear fraud is vanishingly rare, and does not happen on a scale even close to that necessary to ‘rig’ an election,” according to the Brennan Center for Justice. While spreading false myths and requesting sensitive data, the commission has failed to recognize the greatest threat to the integrity of our elections: widespread restrictions that prevent eligible voters from casting their ballots.

“In these moments of division and strife, Congress must send the message that the voting booth is open to all eligible voters, regardless of race, class, faith or political affiliation. In your role in the appropriations process, we urge you to ensure that no funding is set aside for the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.”

We ask our representatives to refrain from directing taxpayer dollars to an operation that threatens a cornerstone of our democracy.

Click here to view the full letter to Congress.

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