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July 2016

Scout Bratt

Avodah has shaped my perspective on my role in the world, the importance of putting values into action, and the power of collaborating in building a vibrant, powerful, Jewish social justice movement.

19th Jul, 2016

Gita Karasov

Avodah continuously keeps me grounded in the Jewish community and values that I am most proud of. I bring my Avodah experience to work with me everyday.

19th Jul, 2016

Lee Leviter

Through my relationship with Avodah, I have cultivated a deep sense that social justice is my spiritual practice.

19th Jul, 2016

Amelia van Iwaarden

Avodah connected me to the Jewish community I had been looking for: deeply committed to justice, and taking action to build the world we want to see.

19th Jul, 2016

Rebecca Shaloff

I can trace every professional move, the core of my Jewish identity, and the heart of my community to the day I walked through the doors of an Avodah house.

19th Jul, 2016

Jen Walper Roberts

Avodah was the single most important experience that shaped my adult identity – as a Jew and as a person committed to social justice.

13th Jul, 2016