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Abraham’s Call as an Urgent Plea from a Burning Building: Devar Torah for Parashat Lekh-Lekha, by Rabbi Aryeh Bernstein

This week’s parashah begins the story of the Jewish people. All people mythologically descend from Adam and Eve and through the one remnant of their descendants, Noah, as we read last week. From here on out, the Torah will narrow … Continue reading

A Call to Action: Young Jews Building Justice-Focused Jewish Communities

By: Rachie Lewis This is adapted from a call to action Rachie gave at the JOIN Jewish Organizing Summit in NYC on April 30th conveying that young Jews have an important role to play in reinvigorating Jewish community and making … Continue reading

Communities and Careers: Insight from the Social Justice Trenches

By: Katherine Heflin I chose Judaism in college—driven by my strong connection to the ideas of tikkun olam and community. AVODAH is in some ways the manifestation of these two values, and my placement at Survivors and Advocates for Empowerment … Continue reading