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Social Dysfunction born from Careless Communication: Understanding Yitro’s Departure — D’var Torah for Parashat BeHa’alotekha

The book of Bemidbar/Numbers can be fairly neatly broken into two radically different sections. The first 9 ⅔ chapters depict perfect order: a census, camp architecture, clear delineation of roles for different groups — the perfectly ordered community ready to … Continue reading

A Time for Obedience, A Time for Spontaneity: Why did Nadav and Avihu Die? D’var Torah for Parashat Shemini

The last two shabbatot were filled with so much excitement, through our annual Pesach excursion into the exodus story, that we may forget that when last we left our regular, weekly journey through the Torah, we left on one of … Continue reading

The Housing Rights Movement: A Conversation

Avital Aboody is from Sherman Oaks, CA and attended University of California at Berkeley. As a New York Corps member, she works as a Tenant Organizer at Urban Homesteading Assistance Board (UHAB). This piece originally appeared on The SurRealEstate.org here. The third weekend in March, … Continue reading