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Sh*t New York Slumlords Say

By: Elise Goldin

Working as an AVODAH Corp Member as a tenant organizer with the Urban Homesteading Assistance Board has been an enlightening experience. I’ve learned about things I never thought I’d learn like bank practices, mortgages, and foreclosure processes.  UHAB organizers work in distressed buildings in foreclosure where tenants face everything from rat infestations, to no heat or hot water for extended periods of time, to a landlord harassment.  While these situations are anything but funny, we wanted to illustrate the ridiculousness in landlord behavior and, through the “Sh*t ___ Say” format, shed light on real issues tenants face.

This video originally appeared on TheSurRealEstate blog here.

Elise GoldinElise Goldin is from Evaston, IL and attended Macalester College. She is a Tenant Organizer at the Urban Homesteading Assistance Board, which supports self-help housing and community building in low-income neighborhoods by training, organizing, developing, and assisting resident-controlled limited-equity housing co-operatives.

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