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Springtime in Jewish life is framed by two major festivals: Passover, the holiday of liberation, and, exactly seven weeks later, Shavuot, the holiday of Revelation. This period is marked by a daily count-up, focusing outward, on, hopefully, the new grain harvest (Omer), and inward, on our spiritual preparation to embody liberation in our lives and in the world.

We are delighted to offer a new way to mark this time. We asked seven rabbis working at the intersection of spirituality and justice to offer a spiritual practice that can be done daily for each week of the Omer (or longer) to help us refuel for our work in the world. As is traditional, each week of the Omer is animated by a Kabbalistic attribute to help us grow in strength and compassion.

We’ve also provided some ways to learn more about how we can work together for liberation, highlighting seven of Avodah’s incredible partner organizations.

Print up, share, and begin the work of transformation..

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