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Sarra Alpert

Sarra Alpert is the Director of the Avodah Institute for Social Change.

There and elsewhere, Sarra helps to build activist communities to support and challenge each other in anti-oppressive, transformative social justice movement-building in Jewish communal spaces and beyond. She has been shaped in her thinking, teaching and being by (among other things): her Avodah Service Corps year and alumni experience, as well as many years on the Avodah Service Corps and Justice Fellowship program staff teams; two terms on the board of Jews for Racial and Economic Justice; 14 years on the faculty for the Foundation for Jewish Camp’s Cornerstone Seminar; four years as a Lecturer in the NYU Expository Writing Program; her Schusterman Fellowship; many years of teaching in a wide range of Hebrew schools and other Jewish learning spaces; her MFA at NYU and her BAs at UCSD; growing up in United Synagogue Youth and at Camp Ramah in California; and, most importantly, by being a part of many wonderful, warm groups and communal organizations, from family and friends to writing retreats and food co-ops. She can often be found cooking with and for friends, singing along to something, reading on the subway or enjoying New York City’s parks, events, and various surprises.