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Lauren Fine

Lauren serves as Avodah’s Alumni Manager.

Lauren received her MSW through the Jewish Communal Leadership Program at University of Michigan’s School of Social Work, where her fieldwork was with Detroit Jews for Justice and the National Council of Jewish Women in DC. Her career as a Jewish professional began as a Baltimore Repair the World fellow in 2014. She went on to be the Director of Student Leadership at North Carolina Hillel, where she found her love of community engagement. Lauren grew up in the U.S. South, the Northeast, and Midwest and is passionate about southern Jewish life and the strength of small and mid-sized Jewish communities. Lauren believes in the transformative power of Judaism and the power of solidarity movement-building. Lauren is a proud Crohnie and loves talking about IBD, chronic illness, and being temporarily able-bodied. In her free time, you’ll find Lauren organizing with Carolina Jews for Justice, picking mulberries, and taking on overly ambitious baking projects.