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Harry Lowenburg

Harry Lowenburg serves on the Board and New Orleans Advisory Council at Avodah. 

Harry retired July 2022 as a Campaign Organizer for Healthy Gulf (formerly the Gulf Restoration Network) in New Orleans. He worked with low-lying communities in New Orleans to develop strategies for increasing resilience to localized flooding. Harry began his career as a community organizer in 1977 working for the Seattle Light Brigade and the South End Seattle Community Organization (SESCO) where he was a VISTA volunteer. He subsequently served as a chapter organizer for Oregon Fair Share; Executive Director of the Council Bluffs Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement and a founding organizer of a congregation-based organization in Louisiana which later became All Congregations Together. Harry represents Temple Sinai New Orleans on the Leader Council for Together New Orleans community organization and he is a certified co-leader with mkp USA.org. Harry serves as a member of Avodah’s national Board and New Orleans Advisory Council.

Why do you support and/or feel connected to Avodah?

“I was a VISTA volunteer when I was 23 years old, leading to a fulfilling career as a community organizer. My work for social justice has always been rooted in my Judaism but not so rooted in Jewish community.  Avodah, for me bridges that gap, connecting Jewish community with Jewish values for justice.”