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Becky Silverstein

Rabbi Becky Silverstein serves on the Rabbinic Cabinet at Avodah.

Rabbi Becky Silverstein is a genderqueer, trans rabbi currently working as the Education Director at Pasadena Jewish Temple and Center. Since 2006, Becky has been facilitator for Keshet (an organization working for the full inclusion and equality of LGBTQ Jews in Jewish Community); he recently joined their board. He uses his personal identity and experience to move Jewish communities towards embracing the full diversity of both their membership and those who might one day be among their members. Becky is most well-known for his personal vulnerability and making the vast vocabulary of gender and sexuality accessible. Rabbi Silverstein grew up in Great Neck, New York, and found his synagogue to be a safe haven. Having realized during his tenure at Smith College that he was more passionate about running the Kosher Kitchen than his engineering classes, Becky began his path to Hebrew College. A love of working with teenagers and a desire to experience “the real world” led him first to teaching math at a board school and then a Jewish day school. Rabbi Silverstein is the first trans rabbi to be hired by a Conservative Synagogue. During his daily life, Becky works to transform the lives of his students through a Torah of compassion, joy, and vulnerability.