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Aviva Solomon

Aviva Solomon leads yoga classes with a strong emphasis on correct anatomical alignment to ensure safety and promote health and growth. Forever a student, Aviva loves studying the philosophical and ethical underpinnings of yoga and holistic health and enhances her classes by weaving these themes throughout. She guides her students to stay mindful through focused breathing exercises with the aim of connecting mind, body, and spirit. Aviva enjoys teaching a wide range of different people and firmly believes that yoga is for every-body. She connects with people exactly where they are on their journey, and helps them to transform their life through yoga.  She is passionate about helping people reach their highest potential of health, joy, purpose and balance. Aviva teaches private lessons and weekly classes at various locations around town including Yoga Patch in Waldo, Genesis in both Shawnee & Overland Park, the JCC in Overland Park, and some schools. She also gives workshops and subclasses.