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Anna Worrell

Anna Worrell serves as Avodah’s San Diego Program Director.

Through her education and experience, Anna has worked in various sectors including substance use prevention, community engagement, victim/survivor services and reentry services for previously incarcerated individuals. She holds a Master of Social Work degree with a Certificate in Global Human Rights from the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor of Health Education and Health Promotion degree with a Special Award for Diversity Education from CSU Chico.

In a volunteer capacity, Anna holds a seat on her synagogue’s social action committee, leads a book club designed to provide a broadened understanding of various cultures, experiences, and historical context; and acts as an ambassador for the Orange County Jewish Coalition for Refugees (OCJCR).

She has a passion for exploring the interconnectedness of social issues and continuously works to address their root causes in order to create healing. She values open and productive dialogues in difficult conversations and is committed to creating spaces where all feel appreciated for their voice and perspective. In her spare time, Anna can be found playing with her two cats, spending time with family, driving through the mountains, and buying too many house plants.