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January 2024

Becca Felsenthal

Becca Felsenthal serves on the Board for Avodah.  Becca Felsenthal is an Associate General Counsel, IP at Meta, where she advises on intermediary liability issues involving trademark infringement and counterfeiting on Facebook and Instagram. Prior to Meta, she counseled technology, sports, and retail … Continue reading

2nd Jan, 2024

December 2023

Elli Krandel

Elli Krandel serves on the Board for Avodah.  A lifelong Illinois resident, Elli grew up on a farm in Woodstock before attending the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign to study macroeconomics. After moving to Chicago for a year of service with Avodah: The Jewish … Continue reading

20th Dec, 2023

Hilary Felton

Hilary Felton serves on the Board for Avodah.  Hilary works for the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS) as an Assistant General Counsel. She handles a wide variety of legal matters for her agency, advising on Medicaid, child support and … Continue reading

20th Dec, 2023

July 2023

Max Rothstein

Max Rothstein serves as the Board Treasurer and is an alum of Avodah.  Max has spent the past 6 years working on increasing equitable access to credit through the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Currently, Max serves as … Continue reading

18th Jul, 2023

Karyn Polak

Karyn Polak serves on the Board for Avodah.  Karyn has served as a senior counsel, trusted advisor, and C-suite executive in her various roles in the investment banking, private banking, brokerage, asset management, insurance, and retirement businesses at Citigroup, PNC Bank, … Continue reading

18th Jul, 2023

April 2022

Emilia Diamant

Emilia Diamant (she/her) serves as Avodah’s Chief Program Officer. Emilia is an educator, social worker, facilitator who has taught on power and justice, whiteness, pop culture, feminism, and the arts for 15 years. Most recently, Emilia has worked with Dimensions Educational … Continue reading

26th Apr, 2022

Sheila Lambert

Sheila Lambert serves on the Board for Avodah.  Sheila enjoyed a twenty-year career at The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation with progressively responsible positions including Vice President of Human Resources and Senior Vice President & Publisher of Moody’s Investors Service. Her … Continue reading

8th Apr, 2022

Rose Jagust

Rose Jagust serves on the Board for Avodah.  Rose is Vice President, Donor Advised Programs, at the Jewish Federation of Chicago where she heads the Center for Jewish Philanthropy.  The Center serves thousands of Jewish individuals and families and holds … Continue reading

8th Apr, 2022

May 2020

Elana Bildner

Elana Bildner serves on the Board for Avodah.  Elana is currently Staff Attorney at the ACLU Foundation of Connecticut, where she litigates a range of civil rights cases. Elana’s experience ranges from the corporate sector—as a litigation associate at two law … Continue reading

5th May, 2020

Absera Melaku

Absera Melaku is the Vice Chair of the Board at Avodah.  Absera is a public health practitioner with over ten years of management experience in the nonprofit, government, philanthropy, and academic sectors. In her current role as Associate Director of … Continue reading

5th May, 2020

July 2019

Deborah Levine

Deborah Levine serves on the Board and on the Washington D.C. Advisory Council at Avodah. Deborah Levine is a lawyer at the Neighborhood Legal Services Program where she advises clients on housing, family, consumer, and disability issues.  She has volunteered … Continue reading

26th Jul, 2019

March 2017

Ilana Zafran Walden

Ilana Walden is the Chair of the Board and serves on the Chicago Advisory Council at Avodah.  Ilana Zafran Walden is a public sector and nonprofit executive leader with over 15 years of experience in developing and leading programs, initiatives, … Continue reading

14th Mar, 2017

November 2016

Shira Sarfati

Shira Sarfati is the Chief Strategy Officer at Avodah. She previously served as the Director of Foundation Relations, Director of Development, and Director of External Affairs. Shira has worked in development and fundraising since 2011, and prior to joining Avodah, … Continue reading

28th Nov, 2016

July 2016

Rachel Glicksman

Rachel Glicksman is the Chief People and Operations Officer at Avodah. In her role, she focuses on developing and implementing strategies to empower, engage, and support Avodah’s team. Rachel has had many roles at Avodah: she got her start with … Continue reading

15th Jul, 2016

Sarra Alpert

Sarra Alpert is the Chief Institute Officer. There and elsewhere, Sarra helps to build activist communities to support and challenge each other in anti-oppressive, transformative social justice movement-building in Jewish communal spaces and beyond. She has been shaped in her … Continue reading

15th Jul, 2016

Harry Lowenburg

Harry Lowenburg serves on the Board and New Orleans Advisory Council at Avodah.  Harry retired July 2022 as a Campaign Organizer for Healthy Gulf (formerly the Gulf Restoration Network) in New Orleans. He worked with low-lying communities in New Orleans to … Continue reading

15th Jul, 2016

Janna Rosenberg

Janna Rosenberg serves on the Board at Avodah. She participated in Avodah’s Service Corps in Washington, DC in 2002-2003, where she was placed at the Thurgood Marshall Academy, and she has been an active member of Avodah’s alumni community. She is … Continue reading

15th Jul, 2016

Benetta Mansfield

Benetta Mansfield serves on the Board of Directors and Chicago Advisory Council at Avodah. Benetta is a lawyer with more than 30 years of experience as an advocate and mediator. During her professional career in Washington, D.C., Benetta served as … Continue reading

15th Jul, 2016

Cheryl Cook

Cheryl Cook (She/her) is the Chief Executive Officer of Avodah.  With over 30 years of experience working across the Jewish community, Cheryl is passionate about developing the next generation of Jewish social justice leaders. Cheryl has overseen some of the … Continue reading

15th Jul, 2016