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Learn to Fight Injustice: Avodah Partners with JOIN for Justice to Host Leadership Trainings Across US



What does it take to be a trailblazer in the Jewish social justice movement? Avodah is excited to announce a new partnership with JOIN for Justice to sponsor a national series of leadership trainings in cities across the U.S. to help new and experienced community advocates build the skills needed to make effective and impactful long-term social change.

We are living in a historic moment when many Jews across the country are feeling energized to speak out and advocate for vulnerable populations. The “ROAR” (Resistance, Organizing, Action, and Resilience) trainings will explore step-by-step campaign development techniques to build power and generate the greatest possible impact. Organizing professionals will explore how to work across lines of difference, find strength and resilience, and illuminate the Jewish wisdom that can guide us and ground us in this moment. This is a unique opportunity for social justice advocates to come together to participate in community organizing and plan actionable goals for the coming years.

The ROAR trainings will take place in more than fifteen cities across the country. Interested in attending a training? Check below for an event near you. If you don’t see your city below and want to stay updated, you can sign up and be notified if a training session is added in your city. Please email to learn more.


Upcoming Trainings:

CA: Los Angeles – Sunday, June 4 from 9AM-5PM. Register here!

FL: Miami – Sunday, June 4 from 9AM-5PM. Register here!

LA: New Orleans – Sunday, June 11 from 9AM-5PM. Register here!

MA: Boston – Sunday, June 11 from 9AM-5PM. Register here!

MI: Detroit – Sunday, June 25 from 9:30AM-5:30PM. Register here!

MO: St. Louis – Sunday, June 4 from 9AM-5PM. Register here!

PA: Pittsburgh – Sunday, May 28 from 9AM-5PM. Register here!

TX: Dallas – Sunday, June 25 from 9AM-5PM. Register here!

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