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Join Avodah at a #FamiliesBelongTogether Rally Near You

Families Belong Together BannerTomorrow, on Saturday, June 30th, thousands, including many in our Avodah community will take to the streets for #FamiliesBelongTogether rallies across America.
We’re raising our voices to oppose the recent separation of 2,342 immigrant children from their parents, an executive order that will lead to further detention of families, and recent immigration laws that harm vulnerable people. Our Avodah community will be marching in New York, DC, Chicago, New Orleans, and in cities across the country. If it is within your Shabbat practice and you wish to join us on this national day of action, please keep an eye out for updates and meeting locations on our Facebook and social media pages.
Unfortunately, Jewish history taught us what happens when those fleeing violence are turned away at our borders. Unjust immigration policies are not new to America’s history. We’ve seen the effects of forced government family separation through our history of slavery, Japanese internment camps, roundups of Native American people, and more. We must not repeat the wrongs of our past. We will march tomorrowSaturday, June 30th, to demand that our leaders restore the status of asylum seekers and immigrants who are running from violence, persecution, and other horrific circumstances. We must act to stop indefinite detention, immigration bans, and move toward real immigration reform.
Please join us! Follow our Facebook page for meeting points and updates on this national day of action. You can also download and print an Avodah demonstration sign here to bring to a rally near you. If you have other Avodah materials, such as a T-shirt, tote bag, or pin, please bring them to your local rallies so that we mCongressoer show our Jewish solidarity with immigrant families.

March with a Jewish Contingent at a #FamiliesBelongTogther Rally Near You

Jewish Contingent
When: June 30th, 9:30am
Location: South side of Collect Pond Park (Leonard Street between Centre and Lafayette Streets).
Info: Begin at Foley Square and march across the Brooklyn Bridge to Rally at Cadman Plaza.The lead banner will say “Jewish Communities Standing For Justice” with no organizational identification.
Shabbat at Families Belong Together Chicago
When: June 30th, 9:15am
Location: West side of the fountain at Daley Plaza
Info: An inclusive, participatory, song-filled service before the rally. March begins at 11amat the Richard J. Daley Center. RSVP here.
Jewish Meetup
When: June 30th, 9:30AM
Location: AFL-CIO (on 16th St between H & I, 815 16th St NW)
Info: Jewish meet up prior to the action. Organizers are asking attendees to wear white.Click here to join.
March with The RAC
When: June 30th, 10am
Location: Franklin Square on the corner of 14th and I St NW
Info: Rally organizers are encouraging everyone to wear white to make a visual statement of love and solidarity.
♦New Orleans:
March with Avodah and Congresso
When: June 30th, 12pm
Location: Congo Square
Info: Demand an end to family separation, an end to ICE an end to detention. If you’d like to march with other Avodah community members, reach out to
♦San Diego
When: July 2, 8AM
Location: Chicano Park
Info: Join the Jewish delegation in an action with the advocacy group Mijente to speak out against the prosecution of immigrants there. Click here to join.
Find a rally near you here.

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