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Inspiration and Introspection For the New Year


Every day during this month of Elul, we blow the shofar as a wake-up call to our hearts and minds. It’s our reminder to take an honest self-evaluation, a real heshbon hanefesh, an accounting of the soul, so that we may take the necessary steps to create a sweet, new year, as we head into Rosh Hashana.

As we listen to the shofar this month, we’re also thinking about how to equip ourselves with the right tools to best take on our work for social justice in the new year. Creating social change is hard work. Progress takes time. That’s why we’re offering you this guide for inspiration for the long haul: “11 Ways to Stay in the Justice Game,” created by our founder, Rabbi David Rosenn. We hope these tips will inspire new ways of thinking about social justice work and help you dig in and prepare for 5778.

If you would like a poster or pocket version of “11 Ways to Stay in the Justice Game” to share with your friends, family, networks, or use as a personal resource, please let us know.

Click below to view and print the “11 Ways to Stay in the Justice Game.”


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