The Justice Series:

High Holiday Programming for Clergy

August 30 / September 6 / September 9 / October 25

The call to justice reverberates louder and louder. 

And at our yearly time of t’shuvah and wholeness, we get to feel the intensity of that call and integrate it into how we live and how we teach. How will you respond to an even more urgent call for justice this year?

These online sessions are for clergy who plan to centralize justice in their High Holy day offerings (sermons, teachings, etc.) in 2022/5783.

Whether you’re deeply rooted in justice movements, or you are approaching hard-to-tackle topics for the first time, these workshops will help you: (a) connect with like-minded colleagues, and (b) access the skills, courage, tools and knowledge to help you lead and inspire your community.

While there are common themes that tie the sessions together, it’s not necessary to attend all four.

Rabbi Kerry Chaplin

Rabbi Esther Lederman

Maharat Rori Picker Neiss

Yoshi Silverstein

Rabbi Gabe Greenberg

Rabbi Susan Leider

Yehudah Webster

Sarra Alpert

Session I: Return

August 30, 10–11:15am Pacific / 1–2:15 pm Eastern

Led by Rabbi Kerry Chaplin and Rabbi Esther Lederman. A facilitated discussion to connect with colleagues about the overwhelm of the moment and the demand for spiritual care, and the reasons we are called to centralize justice during these particular High Holy Days. We will assess what you and your community are ready for, and help you to focus on what’s important in your community this year.

Session II: Renew

Choose between two options (yes, you can choose both!):

September 6, 12–1:15 pm Pacific / 3–4:15 pm Eastern

Led by Rabbi Kerry ChaplinMaharat Rori Picker Neiss, and Yoshi Silverstein. For those seeking skills to address justice-related issues in your teachings. We will focus on questions of responsibility, storytelling, action steps, and community responses.

September 9, 10–11:15 am Pacific / 1–2:15 pm Eastern

Led by Rabbi Kerry Chaplin, Rabbi Gabe Greenberg, Rabbi Susan Leider, and Yehudah Webster. For those seeking feedback and support in their writing and design processes. You will join with colleagues to share and explore ideas, thoughts, texts, and teachings.

Session III: Reflect

October 25, 10–11:15 am Pacific / 1–2:15 pm Eastern

Led by Rabbi Kerry Chaplin and Sarra Alpert. Gather to reflect on what worked, what didn’t, and to discuss what now to continue to centralize justice beyond the High Holy Days.


It is our aim to make these sessions accessible while also recognizing the value of these offerings. Please use the below ranges as cost suggestions and assess the right payment for you based on your organizational budget, available professional development funds and any other relevant information. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

1 session: $18-36

2 sessions: $30-60

3 sessions: $45-90

4 sessions: $60-120

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