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Faith and Environmental Causes

DC Corps member Michal Rosenoer reviewed a recent event called “A Moral Dilemma: is going green a choice between right and wrong?” Hosted by the Humanities Council of DC as a part of their World House Series, the panel discussion featured four individuals active in their own faith communities and the environmental movement.

Michal questioned how religion views our role as humans on earth. Are we supposed to to use earth’s gifts for our own benefit, or to take care of the planet?

“The discussion, in its most simple form, boils down to a question of an open-use policy versus stewardship. Some people argue that God gave us Earth and everything on it to use at our discretion and for our sole benefit. The earth is our God-given kingdom, they state, and we can use all of it as we see fit. Others, however, believe that God gave us this planet as a gift – something to cherish, care for, and steward in a way that preserves its resources and beauty for future generations, indefinitely.”

To read about how the panelists responded to this question in the rest of Michal’s post, please visit The Blog at 16th and Q here.

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