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AVODAH Named One of Top 50 Innovative Jewish Organizations in North America

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AVODAH  has been named one of North America’s top 50 innovative  Jewish organizations in the ninth annual Slingshot Guide resource for volunteers, activists and donors looking for new opportunities and projects that, through their innovative nature, will ensure the Jewish community remains relevant and thriving. 

Slingshot 2013-14 was released today.

Selected from among hundreds of finalists reviewed by 83 professionals with expertise in grant-making and Jewish communal life, the Guide called AVODAH “…the gold standard for program and curriculum development in the social justice field.” Organizations included in this year’s Guide were evaluated on
their innovative approach, the impact they have in their work, the leadership they have in their sector, and their effectiveness at achieving results. AVODAH is proud to be among the 50 organizations honored for meeting those standards.

Especially notable is the representation of AVODAH alumni within the field, members of the network serving as staff or lay leaders at 20% of the top 50 organizations in the Slingshot guide.

“I’m delighted that AVODAH has been recognized in this year’s Slingshot guide, and proud of the work of our board, advisory councils, staff, corps members, and alumni in achieving such organizational success. It’s an important moment to see our efforts to combat domestic poverty through Jewish leadership being recognized by a group like Slingshot,” said Marilyn Sneiderman, AVODAH’s executive director.

Added Will Schneider, Executive Director of Slingshot, which publishes the Guide each year, “The groundbreaking organizations that we highlight in the Slingshot Guide are game-changers in the realms of community engagement, social justice impact, and religious and spiritual life. The Slingshot Guide is not just a book listing organizations doing interesting things; it’s a resource relied upon by doers and donors alike. It’s the framework for a community that through the collaboration that results from inclusion in the Guide, becomes something significantly more effective than what each of the individual organizations can achieve on their own.”

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