Cost of program:

The true cost of the Avodah Justice Fellowship is about $3,500 per participant. Those costs include travel and room and board for 2 retreat weekends, supplies and occasional meals at programs, speaker honoraria, and Fellowship staff time, among other items. Thanks to the generosity of several funders, the tuition needed for Fellows to participate in the program is highly subsidized to a rate of $225 – $1,500 per participant.

We are committed to offering a sliding-scale model for the program tuition. Since the Avodah Justice Fellowship is both a professional and personal development program, we encourage organizations to cover all or at least part of the tuition. We can provide additional documentation to help secure professional development time or funding from one’s organization if needed. We will do our best to ensure that no accepted candidates are prevented from attending due to financial reasons. 

If your employer is covering the cost, then the cost range is as follows:

If your organization’s annual budget is: Avodah Justice Fellowship Tuition:
$0 < $499,999 $550
$500,000 – $999,999 $650
$1,000,00 – $4,999,999 $850
$5,000,000 – $9,999,999 $1,250
$10,000,000 and up $1,500


If you are covering the cost yourself, we ask you to consider the following as you determine the appropriate rate:

  • We know that income is only one marker of what someone is able to afford (with other important factors including debt, family support needs and childcare, support you may be receiving from family, other assets, etc.).
  • We ask you to think honestly and carefully about your personal calculation. Please bear in mind that sliding-scale systems of this sort only work if people who can afford to contribute at the higher end of the scale actually do so. If you fall into that category, we appreciate that your ability to contribute a higher amount helps to make it possible for us to offer the Fellowship at rates that actually work for a wider range of people.
  • Please also consider whether you have people in your life who would be excited to contribute towards your participation in this program, or if you personally have significant savings or other assets that you’re able to draw on for your participation.
  • We know this kind of calculation can be challenging. We acknowledge the inherent subjectivity and discomfort of it, but it is in line with our values at Avodah to not let that kind of challenge keep us from creating systems rooted in principles of economic justice. Please let us know if we can be helpful to you in your determination.
If your yearly income is: Avodah Justice Fellowship Fee:
< $25,000 Please let us know what you can manage.
$25,001 – $35,000 $225 (or 6 monthly payments of $37.50)
$35,001 – $45,000 $325 (or 6 monthly payments of $41.70)
$45,001 – $55,000 $425 (or 6 monthly payments of $70.80)
$55,001 – $65,000 $525 (or 6 monthly payments of $87.50)
$65,001 – $75,000 $625 (or 6 monthly payments of $104.20)
$75,001 – $99,999 $725 (or 6 monthly payments of $120.80)
$100,000 or above $1,000 (or 6 monthly payments of $166.66)


What do I do if I’m splitting the cost with my employer?

Please do your best to use the above charts to scale accordingly so that your percentage of the fee is proportional to your personal tuition bracket and your employer’s portion of the fee is proportional to theirs. Rather than creating a third type of bracket, we want to make sure your costs still match the original scales as they are intended.

Here’s an example:

  • Your organization’s annual budget is $2,000,000, which would have put your tuition in the $850 bracket if your employer was paying it fully.
  • Your personal yearly income is $50,000, which would have put your tuition in the $425 bracket if you were paying it fully.
  • Your employer is covering half of the cost and you’re covering the other half.
  • Your employer should pay 50% of what their total cost would have been (in this case, 50% would be $425) and you should pay 50% of what your total cost would have been (in this case, 50% would be $213). Your total tuition would then be counted as $638.