There are 1,500+ Avodah alumni continuing to work for justice as professionals and lay leaders, in the Jewish community and beyond. They’re leading organizations, educating Jewish communities on the issues that matter, advocating for change on a local and national level, and helping everyday Americans who are working to make ends meet. They support each other, celebrate Jewish life together, and collaborate in their work for change.

1 in 10

alumni is a CEO, Executive Director, or senior leader at their workplace.


of alumni have worked in social services, social justice, or anti-poverty since completing Avodah.


of alumni currently live with or have previously lived with other alumni


were offered positions at their placement organization after completing Avodah

Get involved

Whether or not you’re in a city with a group of other alums, there are many ways for you to stay involved, here are a few of them. We’ll share programmatic opportunities via our listservs, but if you’d like to get involved in other ways please fill out this form.

Alumni programming

Join a virtual group, host a local alumni gathering, or sign up to become an alumni mentor or mentee.

Spreading the word about Avodah

Help recruit for our Service Corps or Justice Fellowship!

Make a network connection

Share your story with a current Corps Member or alum who is looking to learn more about next steps in their career and activism.

Teach a program for alumni or Corps Members

Let us know what topics you’d like to teach, and we’ll contact you if we’re looking for a facilitator.

Interviewing prospective Corps Members

Interview prospective Corps Members who are applying to Avodah. This occurs between February and the summer.

Donating or helping with fundraising

Support Avodah financially at any time with a donation. We also are often looking for alums to meet with donors, speak at fundraising events, and help on fundraising campaigns.

Stay in touch

Moved? Have a new job? Something else you want to tell us? 


For our alumni, we have a national listserv as well as regional regional listservs in Chicago, Boston, Washington D.C., New Orleans, Philly, New York, Kansas City, Los Angeles and The Bay Area which are used to communicate with alumni about local events and happenings. To be added to a new listserv, please fill out this form.

Alumni Intranet Resources

The Avodah Alumni Intranet is a central location for alumni to access all of our digital resources, sign-up forms, and contact lists.

Please note that this is only accessible to Avodah alumni who are logged into Google using the email address on our national listserv. Don’t have access? Email Alumni Director, Lauren Fine at

Search for and connect with other alumni using our Alumni Directory

You can find the directory here.
Please note that this is only accessible to Avodah alumni who are logged into Google using the email address on our national listserv. If you can’t access it, please request access through the Google sheet.