Avodah Recruitment Organizer

Avodah Recruitment Organizers (AROs) will support Avodah’s recruitment of Jewish Service Corps Members by strengthening our presence on strategic schools. This paid position will involve building key relationships with connectors, coordinating/attending events on campus, and conducting outreach to potential applicants. 

We are seeking alumni who are, 1) located in proximity (~ an hour) to at least one school that may be a strong recruiting fit for Avodah and, 2) who are interested in growing their recruitment skills in order to find future programs participants.  AROs will attend an expenses paid in-person training in NYC September 22-23 and receive ongoing support from the Recruitment Manager.

Job responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Researching the university’s academics, student organizations, Jewish community, and culture to create a detailed campus map
  • Conducting broad outreach to different potential connectors
  • Building relationships with 5-10 individuals per university (professors, staff members, clergy, and student leaders) through one-on-ones 
  • Leveraging connectors to do outreach to potential applicants and/or receiving contact information for potential applicants
  • Conducting outreach and setting up conversations with potential applicants 
  • Tracking communications, relationships, and data in order to meet set benchmarks
  • Leading or attending at least three events per school (i.e. tablings, information session, justice workshops, meet and greets, classroom/club pitches)
  • Participating in biweekly check-ins with the Recruitment Manager, once-a-semester peer coaching meetings,  and if applicable, periodic meetings, with local Avodah staff or AJAs to coordinate outreach


  • Strong relationship-building and interpersonal skills
  • Knowledgeable about the intersections between Judaism and social justice
  • Experience organizing, community building, event planning, or recruiting (preferred)
  • Close proximity (an hour or less) from 1-2 strategic colleges
  • Proactiveness and persistence around outreach
  • Strong ability to record detailed, actionable notes
  •  Availability to put in ~2 hr/week (8 hr/month most months) per school


  • AROs are paid $18/hr for ~50 hours of work between September 2019 and May 2020
  • AROs will serve at 1-2 schools in most cases.
  • AROs will attend an expenses-paid training in NYC September 22nd – 23rd.

 To apply, please fill out this form by July 22nd. Select applicants will be contacted for a phone interview.