A Taste of New Orleans

Published Dec 13, 2010

Did you know that AVODAH not only has a national blog, but a New Orleans-specific blog as well? For over two years, Jews4NewOrleans has showcased the thoughts, inspirations, and impressions of New Orleans Corps members and alumni. For a taste of the city (minus the po-boys, sadly), click on the links below!

On December 1, New Orleans alum David Eber linked to a fascinating article in Zeek Magazine that asks the important question: Are our individual actions helping to create systemic change?

Last month, Corps member Elena Pinsky (who works at the Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center) wrote about what it’s like to ride through the first city she’s ever conquered by bike. Read more about why biking in New Orleans is, as Elena puts it, ‘both terrifying and wonderful’.

On November 5, Mollie Flink, who works at the New Orleans Women’s Shelter, wrote about the challenges that the city offers to new Corps members trying to lead an engaged Jewish life. Mollie also described the warmth with which she was welcomed into New Orleans’ diverse Jewish communities.

Remember hearing about a little get-together in New Orleans called the General Assembly? Jews4NewOrleans covered some of the G.A.’s many events, including the Day of Service, in which current and former Corps members such as Rachel Laing, Mallory Falk, and Ross Peizer welcomed visitors and presented their perspectives on service and the city.

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