Year: 2016

November 2016

A Time for Moral Grandeur

I just got home from one of the largest conferences in the institutional Jewish world.  I ran into a lot of prominent friends and colleagues there—executive directors, presidents and vice-presidents, fellow rabbis, heads of boards of Jewish communal organizations and … Continue reading

20th Nov, 2016

September 2016

Teshuva: Our Collective Responsibility

Rosh Hashana is, of course, a time of new beginnings for all of us–with all of the introspection and opportunities to change our lives that it brings.And yet, for a lot of us, one of our tradition’s toughest pieces of … Continue reading

30th Sep, 2016

Meet the New Avodah

By Cheryl Cook, Executive Director I’m delighted to announce the launch of our new website and logo. The site is the result of a multi-year rebranding process, the result of which enables us to tell the story of this work in a … Continue reading

22nd Sep, 2016

May 2016

Working From Within

By Lisa Tencer “ALL LIVES MATTER! ALL LIVES MATTER! GET ‘EM OUTTA HERE! GET OUT! GET OUT!” I glanced around nervously as people screamed at the top of their lungs. I was hand-in-hand with a number of other white people. … Continue reading

4th May, 2016

April 2016

Passover, Privilege, and Real Liberation

By Ilana Levinson Every year at Passover, Jewish communities come together to commemorate, and celebrate our liberation. It is our duty on Passover to remember with intention, a history plagued with oppression- from our enslavement in Egypt to our endurance … Continue reading

28th Apr, 2016

March 2016

January 2016

On Names, Healing, and Productive Discomfort

By Talia Baurer On Simchat Torah, the celebration of finishing the year-long reading of the Five Books of Moses and of starting anew, I sit with fellow Avodahniks in the pews of Congregation Beit Simchat Torah (CBST), a synagogue that … Continue reading

20th Jan, 2016

Isn’t That Service?

By Sarah Farbman Okay, so picture this. You’re racing home from work as fast as your little legs will take you. The sinking sun bleaches the color out of the street and you swerve through the crowded sidewalk, around school … Continue reading

6th Jan, 2016