Month: June 2015

June 2015

What’s Possible in Eleven Months

By Gavriela Geller A few months ago, I met a man named Carlos. Although Carlos was a client at the National Immigrant Justice Center, and we had spoken numerous times on the phone, I hadn’t met him in person before … Continue reading

25th Jun, 2015

Why I’m There

By Ilana Herr “And who are you?” It’s a question I’ve been asked again and again over the past two years. They look at me with a raised eyebrow and doubtful eyes, usually a doctor, a nurse, or a welfare … Continue reading

24th Jun, 2015

Every Family Has a Paid Leave Story

By Hannah Weilbacher When I started organizing with Jews United for Justice’s Paid Family Leave Campaign last September as a new AVODAHnik, I needed to communicate a story that crystalizes why I care about the issue of Paid Family Leave. … Continue reading

2nd Jun, 2015