Year: 2012

March 2012

Am I Doing My Best?

By: Lila Rosenbloom As we inch past the halfway mark of AVODAH, I find myself continuously asking one question – Am I doing the best I can to work towards justice every day? Do I do the best I can … Continue reading

26th Mar, 2012

Predatory Equity

By: Elise Goldin Working as a tenant organizer with the Urban Homesteading Assistance Board (UHAB) has taught me an enormous amount about topics I had only barely understood from college- affordable housing, mortgages, lending practices, organizing strategies. UHAB has focused … Continue reading

19th Mar, 2012

Theatre of the Oppressed: Imagination as Social Change

By: Alexandra Stein This piece originally appeared at here. I came to Pursue’s Theatre of the Oppressed workshop with limited theater background (oh hey, high school Acting 1!), limited knowledge of Theatre of the Oppressed, and a lot of curiosity. This … Continue reading

14th Mar, 2012

Was Vashti an Organizer?

By: Elise Goldin This post originally appeared on The SurRealEstate here. As unnatural as it might sound, as Purim descends upon us, I can’t help but to pull out social justice themes within the holiday and compare it to our … Continue reading

12th Mar, 2012

The Grassroots of Social Enterprise

By: Danielle Unger I recently changed my work placement, and noticed that both organizations have something in common. My former placement at Voice of the Ex-Offender (VOTE) and my current placement at Liberty’s Kitchen share a connection to the Orleans … Continue reading

5th Mar, 2012

February 2012

Jewish Social Justice?

By: Ilana Krakowski This piece originally appeared on Schmoozify here. I would say I’ve done a fair amount of social justice and environmental work through Jewish groups and organizations. In fact, I attribute a lot of my passion for this … Continue reading

27th Feb, 2012

The Point-in-Time Homeless Persons Count

By: Ilana Krakowski This piece originally appeared in an edited version at N Street Village here. On January 25th, I participated in the Point-in-Time Homeless Persons Count for DC alongside six other DC Corps members. This year, 4,000 cities around … Continue reading

21st Feb, 2012

Sh*t New York Slumlords Say

By: Elise Goldin Working as an AVODAH Corp Member as a tenant organizer with the Urban Homesteading Assistance Board has been an enlightening experience. I’ve learned about things I never thought I’d learn like bank practices, mortgages, and foreclosure processes.  UHAB organizers work in … Continue reading

13th Feb, 2012
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