Month: April 2012

April 2012

Ask for What You Want

By: Elli Krandel Ask for what you want. It sounds simple, and even though it’s crucial in order to accomplish most tasks, it can actually be very difficult. I have been thinking a lot about how comfortable I feel asking … Continue reading

30th Apr, 2012

Caught in the Gray Area

By: Rachel Gang Are your eyes really that color? It’s a question that I was first asked two years ago while tutoring middle schoolers at a DC public school in the Congress Heights neighborhood of DC, not far from my … Continue reading

9th Apr, 2012

We Are Still In the Desert

By: Leila Shooshani As we approach the Passover holiday I’ve begun to wonder about the experience of wandering through the desert. You know the story: we were once slaves in Egypt, but before we reached the land of milk and … Continue reading

3rd Apr, 2012