Month: October 2011

October 2011


By: Lev Hirschhorn When the police came to drag us out and foreclose on our makeshift home, we were ready for them. We had been planning the action for several weeks, and were prepared for the sensation of being dragged … Continue reading

26th Oct, 2011

AVODAH’s Application is Open!

Do you want to make a difference in the world? AVODAH gives passionate young people, like you, hands-on work experience at local organizations fighting poverty around the country. Spend next year creating an active Jewish community while learning about yourself … Continue reading

24th Oct, 2011

Voices of the Occupy Movement

All over the United States, people who have been struggling with unemployment, the lack of healthcare, and the rising costs of living have taken to the streets. Many in the AVODAH community have participated in and been leaders of this movement. … Continue reading

19th Oct, 2011

So Much, Yet So Little

By: Lauren Lowenstein Before beginning AVODAH, I thought that I had essentially committed myself to one year of becoming part of a 24-celled amorphous blob. I imagined that this blob would breathe by inhaling copious amounts of Judaism and exhaling … Continue reading

18th Oct, 2011

Taking Charge of Self-Care

By: Ilana Krakowski This piece originally appeared at N Street Village here. “When you think you can’t do something, you often realize that you can.” These are the words of N Street Village resident, Debra Green. As a senior peer and Wellness Center receptionist, … Continue reading

17th Oct, 2011

Kol Nidrei at Occupy Wall Street

By: Rachel Van Thyn After some initial hemming and hawing, I decided to join my roommate for Kol Nidrei on Wall Street.  It is not that I take issue with public prayer (or prayer in general) or the protesters downtown. … Continue reading

10th Oct, 2011