Year: 2010

November 2010

October 2010

The Daily Life of an Avodahnik

Jessie Levine is a Los Angeles native who found her academic and social niche in Berkeley. Now she has decided to brave the cold weather and grace NYC with her infectious laughter and passionate commitment to systemic change and community … Continue reading

31st Oct, 2010

Where the Real Challenge Lies

Monday’s blog post highlighted the recent increase in media coverage of young Americans committing suicide following anti-gay persecution. Although some have argued that this ‘epidemic’ is neither new nor surprising, the increased airtime that the phenomenon has received recently has … Continue reading

29th Oct, 2010

Standing up to Our Challenge

These last few weeks have seen a flurry of media stories on the suicides of young Americans following acts of hate and harassment for their presumed sexual orientations. In tandem with this reported epidemic, hatred aimed at individuals based on … Continue reading

24th Oct, 2010

Embracing Discomfort

Sara Lempert, from Oakland, California, recently graduated from Columbia University with a BA in Neuroscience and Behavior.  She currently works as a Legal Advocate in the Urban Justice Center’s Mental Health Project, helping clients with mental illness fight for their … Continue reading

22nd Oct, 2010


Ana Forman is from Orinda, CA and attended the University of California, Davis. As a Washington, DC Corps member she is working as a Volunteer Coordinator and HIV Prevention Educator at Metro TeenAIDS which works to prevent the spread of … Continue reading

21st Oct, 2010

New Life, New Conceptions

Rosa Gaia Saunders is from Edmonton, Alberta and attended McGill University. As a Chicago Corps member, she works as a Program Assistant at Free Spirit Media which provides education, access, and opportunity in media production to over 500 underserved urban … Continue reading

20th Oct, 2010

Questioning Community, Part II

In searching for answers to yesterday’s question – that is, how to foster plurality and minimize alienation in a community that boasts an AVODAH majority – I was offered meaningful insights from former Corps members.  One New Orleans alum wrote … Continue reading

19th Oct, 2010
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