Month: December 2010

December 2010

Neighborhoods and Fresh Fruit

Leah Varsano is from Northampton, MA, studied Religion and Asian Studies at Vassar College. As the Assistant Neighborhood Coordinator at Jericho Road Episcopal Housing Initiative, Leah works closely with local residents to identify and implement programs to revitalize their community. … Continue reading

8th Dec, 2010

Igniting Chanukah

It’s not hard to find symbols of social justice in Chanukah.  There’s the triumph of individual freedom over censorship and oppression; the reminder, as we light candles, that we can act as a shamash in our own communities; and there’s … Continue reading

7th Dec, 2010

Locating My Baggage

Liz London is from New York City. She graduated from Vassar College last May after concentrating in Creative Writing. As a Chicago Corps member she works as a Program Assistant at America SCORES Chicago. Driving through North Lawndale there is … Continue reading

6th Dec, 2010
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