San Diego Development Consultant – Request for Proposals


Project Description

Our country is in the midst of an immigration crisis, and border-crossing cities like San Diego are struggling to provide services and humanitarian aid to the hundreds of thousands of people impacted. Avodah believes this moment calls for greater action on the part of the American Jewish community, and we are prepared to answer that call by launching our Jewish Service Corps program in San Diego. 

Avodah is in the midst of a campaign to raise the money necessary to bring the Jewish Service Corps to San Diego by the fall of 2020. By launching in San Diego, Avodah will have a profound, long-term impact on local antipoverty nonprofits and their clients, the San Diego Jewish community, and the young Jewish adults who participate in our gold-standard leadership development program. Avodah and Jewish Family Service of San Diego have entered into a partnership to help bring this project to fruition. We have also recruited a small group of local ambassadors who are committed to helping make Avodah San Diego a reality. 

Avodah is a $4 million organization. We estimate three-year project costs of $1.7 million. To date, we have raised $370,000 in support of Avodah San Diego, primarily from national supporters. We are now beginning to shift our focus to raising our visibility with and fundraising from San Diego-area philanthropists and foundations. 

Avodah wishes to retain, on a non-exclusive contractual basis, a well-qualified fundraiser to facilitate our efforts to raise at least $340,000 from San Diego-area philanthropists and foundations before August 31, 2020. (See more detailed benchmarks below.) 


Organizational Background

Avodah believes that Jewish leaders have the power to help change our country for the better. We train and support early- and mid-career Jewish young adults with the tools, knowledge, and networks they need to contribute their skills and passion to advancing social justice across the country and strengthening the fabric of our diverse Jewish communities. Additionally, we help the Jewish community understand how to address the root causes and effects of poverty in the United States. Avodah operates its Jewish Service Corps, Justice Fellowship, Alumni Network, and Community Engagement programs in cities across the nation and has sparked thousands of Jewish leaders to do justice work, added millions of dollars in critical capacity to antipoverty organizations, and helped strengthen Jewish life in the United States. Learn more about Avodah at


Anticipated Scope of Services

Avodah seeks a seasoned San Diego-based fundraiser with a demonstrated track record of securing five- and six-figure gifts from San Diego-area philanthropists and foundations. The fundraiser will likely undertake the following tasks: 

  • Review (and supplement, to the extent appropriate) Avodah’s work to date to map the San Diego philanthropic community, including the compiled list of top prospective donors; 
  • Review the draft fundraising plan and timeline and suggest adjustments as appropriate; 
  • Work with San Diego-based lay leaders, organizational partners (including Jewish Family Service of San Diego) and Avodah’s national staff to secure meetings with prospective local funders; 
  • Conduct one-on-one meetings with prospective funders to share information about Avodah San Diego and solicit gifts as appropriate; 
  • Schedule meetings for Avodah national staff and board members with prospective funders and handle logistics regarding same; 
  • Regularly inform Avodah staff of progress toward fundraising goals and confer with staff regarding same; 
  • Act as the professional key point of contact for all prospective local funders; 
  • Help position Avodah for long-term authentic relationships with San Diego-area supporters; and 
  • Help plan and recruit for local fundraising events. 

Anticipated Fundraising Timeline and Benchmarks:

We have set the following fundraising benchmarks.  

  • $65,000 by 12/31/19
  • 75,000 (beyond the initial $65k) by 3/15/20
  • $200,000 (beyond the initial $140k) by 8/31/20
  • Total $340,000

Criteria for Selection/Qualifications: 

In evaluating bids for this project, Avodah will place high value on the following factors: 

  • Demonstrated success in securing five- and six-figure gifts from San Diego-based Jewish philanthropists; 
  • Strong understanding of and connections to the local Jewish and/or social justice nonprofit landscapes; and 
  • The ability to both aggressively pursue fundraising objectives, while building relationships with prospective funders for the long term. 


Contract Period and Budget:

We anticipate that the contract term will begin as soon as possible. In terms of the contract duration, we are open to different arrangements. Most important to us is finding the right person to assist us with this effort. We have budgeted expenses of up to $30,000 for this project. 

Submission Requirements:

Interested firms are invited to submit the following information via email to [email protected]. Please use the email subject line, “San Diego Fundraising Consultant”  

  1. Resume or Firm Information (limit: 2 pages). Include the firm name, address, phone number, website, name of principals (if applicable); list of services that the firm provides; and description of relevant previous experience.  
  2. Brief Proposal. Provide a brief (limit: 2 pages) outline of how you plan to accomplish the objectives set forth above, including: the number of hours per week you anticipate devoting to the effort; a fundraising timeline; and how you would ideally involve Avodah national staff and/or local partners and ambassadors. 

Please submit questions via email to [email protected] 

Candidates for this consulting role will be screened via a short initial phone call, after which final candidates will be invited to submit a full proposal.