You will work with some of the most effective non-profit organizations dealing with poverty in Chicago, New Orleans, New York City, and Washington, DC. These organizations all have a long-term commitment to working on urban poverty issues from a variety of different perspectives, including housing, healthcare, education, and hunger. Jobs range from direct service (case management, teaching, staffing medical clinics, etc.) to direct advocacy (legal services) to community organizing (for workers' rights, tenants' rights, etc.). While the issues and methods of our placements vary, each position is designed to allow you to work directly with the people served by the organization.

Our placements are full-time positions, not internships, so you can expect to gain valuable work skills in the course of your year of service. Members of our staff are in regular contact with placement agencies and supervisors and provide support for work-related issues.

We'll match you with placements based on your interests and skills. While we can't guarantee a particular placement, we work hard to find you the right match. (You are not accepted into the program until you have been selected by a placement site.)

The Matching Process

The system for matching you with an organization involves the following process:

  • Receive descriptions of all available positions.
  • Rank your top three choices.
  • Interview with the placement agencies you ranked highly. You must be available by telephone to speak with potential placements throughout the matching process.
  • Partner agencies rank their top choices of candidates.
  • We match with a placement agency based on your and the placement agency's rankings.

If you have more questions about the matching process, please click here.

AVODAH Partner Agencies

View sample position descriptions by city. This list is intended to give you an idea of the type of position you might have while in our Jewish Service Corps program. This is not the full or final list of potential positions available. Position and placement descriptions vary from year to year.

Program Sites

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My AVODAH placement at was the most challenging and inspiring experience of my life. I had read many stories but nothing could have given me the perspective that I gained by sitting face to face with a person who had been detained. My experience that year inspired me to pursue a career in immigration law.” 

Nicole Siegel2004-2005 Corps Member