Learn Your Status

When will I receive notification of my status?

If you applied by the application deadline, you can expect AVODAH to be in touch with you in mid-March. 


What if I am on the Alternate List? What are my chances of getting into a matching round?

The chances that you will be invited into a subsequent matching round changes from round to round, depending on how many matches were already completed. AVODAH will be in contact with you periodically to update you on the process and your status. To learn more about matching rounds click here.


If I am accepted into a matching round, do I need to commit to AVODAH?

Once selected into a matching round, AVODAH believes that you are an excellent fit for the program, and we accept applicants into matching rounds with the expectation that they will participate in the program if they make a match. We ask that you enter the matching round with a good faith commitment that if you are matched with one of your placements you will join the program.

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