Jill Bratt

         Jill Bratt

Jill Bratt is from Overland Park, KS and attended Goucher College. As a Chicago Corps member, she served as the Office and Volunteer Coordinator at Chicago Women's Health Center (CWHC). 


What are your plans for next year?

I am so honored to have been hired by my placement organization, Chicago Women's Health Center (CWHC). I'll be working as a Billing Specialist and as a member of the Outreach and Education Committee. I am definitely excited to stay in Chicago and become part of the AVODAH Alumni community - there is so much more I want to do and see!

How has AVODAH influenced your plans?

Above all, I would never have been introduced to CWHC without AVODAH. Throughout my year, both organizations have been unbelievably supportive of one another, and, after four years of having CWHC as an AVODAH placement, I sense that both organizations value their relationship. In terms of what I hope to be doing outside of the 9-5 work week, I feel overwhelmed with possibility! AVODAH has introduced me to a vast variety of people, organizations, and institutions working for peace and social justice in Chicago. I am definitely looking most forward to getting involved with Voices for Create Nonviolencethe Center for Conflict Resolutionthe Jewish Council on Urban Affairs, and Moishe House Chicago. I really feel that both my education and connections through AVODAH will help me make next year one of continual learning about, exploration of, and action for peace.

What is one thing that you learned this past year in AVODAH?

Wow, just ONE? Interestingly, the first thing that comes to mind is something that we spoke about on the first day of AVODAH: assume goodwill. While it's not always easy, nor does it come naturally to me, assuming goodwill always seems to bring me to some positive conclusion. Life throws us an endless amount of twists and turns, both large and small (whether its a flooded basement two weeks before move-out or the countless expected friendships I've built this year), and control is something I've come to accept as typically beyond reach. So, in the end, better to assume goodwill not only to embrace the beauties of everyday but also to prime your perspective for creative, proactive, collaborative problem-solving. For me, this year has given me the tools to work through both large, complex social issues and seemingly insignificant trivial snags to my plans; by working to assume goodwill, I have come to learn that all steps along this pathway can be appreciated as steps of learning.

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