Do all applicants get interviews?

After reviewing all applications submitted by each deadline, AVODAH will contact qualified applicants for an interview. Not all applicants will be interviewed for AVODAH.


Will I be interviewing for all cities?

Candidates who proceed to the interview stage are initially considered for a place in only one of our program cities. Usually, this city is one of the cities they expressed preference for in their application.


When will interviews take place?

Interviews for the first matching round will take place in late February. Applicants who submit their application after the deadline will be interviewed on an as needed basis.


Will I have a phone or in-person interview?

The vast majority of our applicants interview over the phone. If you are able to come to one of our offices in Chicago, New Orleans, New York City, or Washington, DC, please contact Russ Agdern, our Recruitment and Outreach Coordinator at [email protected] so he can schedule an in-person interview. We may also be able to offer in-person interviews with alumni in several other cities around the country.


How long will my interview last?

A typical interview lasts 30-60 minutes.


I have special circumstances AVODAH should know about. Who do I tell?

Please alert your interviewer to any special circumstances that will affect your potential participation in the program. These might include things such as being out of the country during the matching round, anything that would limit full participation during the year,  or specific needs or preferences that may pose challenges during the program.

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AVODAH has provided me with a house and a community, and most importantly a job in the field I am interested in. Without this experience, it would have been very unlikely for me to get the challenging and powerful type of work experience I was looking for."

Elise Goldin2011-2012 Corps Member