Application Process

1. Fill Out On-Line Application

  • Before you start, make sure your computer has the correct settings to complete the application.
  • Complete essays.
  • Upload resume and photo.
  • Identify three references and notify them they will receive an e-mail from AVODAH. (Click here for more information about references).


2. Interview

To learn more about interviews click here.


3. Learn Your Status

After interviews, you will be notified of your status. Possible statuses include:

  • Invited into a matching round with potential work placements.
  • Placed on the Alternate List.
  • Not accepted to the program.

To learn more about being notified of your status click here.


4. Match with Your Work Placement

If you are invited to participate in the matching round, the process will occur as follows. You will:

  • Receive descriptions of all available positions in your city.
  • Rank your top three choices.
  • Interview with any of the placement agencies you ranked who are also interested in you as a candidate. You must be available by telephone to speak with potential placements throughout the matching process.
  • Placement agencies rank their top choices of candidates.
  • AVODAH offers you a match with a placement agency based on the rankings submitted by both you and the placement agency.

To learn more about the matching process click here.


5. Congratulations, You've Been Accepted!

  • You will finalize your match by signing a three-way contract between yourself, AVODAH, and your placement agency. This contract lists expectations and commitments, and by signing, you commit to participate in the full one-year program.
  • Once all three parties have signed the contract, you're accepted into AVODAH's Jewish Service Corps!
  • Please note: Once you have signed an AVODAH contract, you are committed to the program for the year and will be required to pay a cancellation fee if you decide not to do the program.

Avodah Updates

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I came to AVODAH looking for a young, progressive Jewish community and to work with an organization whose central mission is to fight for social justice. The communities that I've had the opportunity to be a part of through my time in this program have taught me how to be a stronger advocate for social change."

Emily Saltzman2008-2009 Corps Member