We’re a network of Jewish leaders committed to social change.

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Avodah is building a new generation of Jewish leaders to work on our country’s most pressing
social and economic issues.

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We provide emerging Jewish leaders with the tools, experience, and networks they need to work
for an end to poverty in America.

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves, build a community, and get to work creating a more just America?

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We’re inspired by 3,000 years of Jewish tradition to work for a better future. Our Corps Members and Fellows work on issues like immigration, education, homelessness, and criminal justice, while building a vibrant Jewish community rooted in justice. Join us today.

Through my relationship with Avodah, I have cultivated a deep sense that social justice is my spiritual practice.
Lee Leviter Justice Fellowship, New York (2014)

Let’s work together to create a more just world.

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Our growing network of Jewish leaders is filled with people who care about social justice and the Jewish community – people like you. Join us today to make that network even stronger.